File management takes
on a new meaning.

Through a centralized, cloud-based, file management
solution, MedTrainer allows you to digitally distribute
policies and documents that need to be read, accepted,
and signed by your team
— without ever leaving the



Access your documents and policies
anywhere, anytime.

The Documents and Policies feature gives
you access to multiple tool sets to simplify your life:


Create new documents directly in your MedTrainer platform.

Policies Binder

Accepted and signed documents will be kept under each student’s dashboard for them to review at any time.

Team Assignments

Easily assign policies to staff members. Filter them by location, department, or profile. Monitor review and signature status, and send reminders if needed.

Digital signing

Files can be digitally signed. Just place the signature field anywhere in your document to be signed by your staff after review.

Fillable Responses

House fillable forms that your employees can complete within their platform, such as surveys or W-9 forms.


Grant access to specific users to modify or assign a document or policy.


Group document and handle theme as a whole for easy managing and assigning.


Maintain files in folders and categorize them with tags for quick access. Manage privileges and accesses to them depending on location or department.

Version History

Track edits made to your documents. A new version of the file is created whenever the document is altered in any form.


Get a clear insight into the actions taken upon each file. Changes can always be revised.


Generate discussions related to each document creation and fine-tuning. Promote collaboration and exchange ideas.

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How does the Document and Policies tool work?


Five steps to Policy management.

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1. Create or upload

Create new documents within the platform, save them as drafts,
or publish them when they are ready.
Alternatively, upload your
existing documents to store in the cloud.

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2. Classify and bundle

Tags and folders let you keep all files organized and
easy to find
. Bundles help you manage several files at
the same time through your organization.

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3. Control and restrict

Keep specific users from modifying or assigning documents.
Apply printing and downloading restrictions to specific files
for better management of sensitive information.

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4. Assign and report

Assign policies and documents to team members for
acknowledgment and signing.
Download reports in
a PDF or Excel format from the Team Assignments tab.

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5. Notify and track

Send notifications to users when acting upon a file is required.
Set up recurring reminders and notify your team about upcoming
due dates.

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The Documents and Policies Tool eases organizations’ compliance process with federal regulations. It facilitates controlled dissemination of information and promotes an accountability culture with a platform for employees to sign, review, and approve documents without leaving MedTrainer’s management system.

Documents will be at hand for your staff members to review and update whenever needed, ensuring that information is up to date and in line with the latest regulations. If an inspection or an audit takes place, policies are always available for retrieval.
For your organization managers, the Documents and Policies Tool features easy-to-understand visuals on documents status and quick control over document assignation, making the tracking process simple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large or a small group of people; files can be assigned individually or in bundles to streamline the assignation process.
The ultimate purpose of compliance in the healthcare industry is to improve patient care and ensure proper treatment! Organizations should model their decisions and processes upon approved clinical standards from government agencies and accrediting bodies. Always be at the top of your game with Documents and Policies Tool.

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Mark Stewart
"MedTrainer offers a great tool for the administrative toolbox as the Policy & Procedure section. We have found being able to add documents for employees to read and sign a value-added benefit of MedTrainer. We load our employee handbook for everyone and policies approved by board for implementation by department. Highly recommend!"
Mark Stewart
ADMINISTRATOR ( North west brain & spine )